Piotr Żoch

I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Warsaw, CERGE-EI Foundation Teaching Fellow, and a Research Associate at GRAPE.

I received my PhD in Economics from the University of Chicago in 2020.

My main research interests are macroeconomics and monetary economics.

CV: click here for a pdf

Email: p.zoch@uw.edu.pl

Google scholar profile


Journal publications

Some Unpleasant Markup Arithmetic: Production Function Elasticities and their Estimation from Production Data [pdf][NBER Working Paper 27002]

(with Steve Bond, Arshia Hashemi and Greg Kaplan)

Journal of Monetary Economics, 121, July 2021 (Carnegie-Rochester-NYU Conference on Public Policy)

Working papers

Markups, Labor Market Inequality and the Nature of Work [pdf] [NBER Working Paper 26800]

(with Greg Kaplan)

In progress

Financial Crises and Bank Bailouts in a Heterogeneous Agent Economy [draft available soon]

(with Yu-Ting Chiang and Mikayel Sukiasyan)

Sector-Specific Shocks and Optimal Exchange Rate Regime

(with Gustavo González)

Sovereign Default, Banking Crises and Financial Repression [draft available soon]


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